I am Willard Wigan

The worlds


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I am Willard Wigan, creator of the world smallest hand made artworks in history.

As a young boy I found both reading and writing did not come naturally to me. At that time autism and learning difficulties were virtually not recognised. I  was told by school teachers that I would amount to nothing and would achieve nothing. I was used by them to demonstrate what failure would look like for being unable to read or write.

So from the age of 5, I decided to show the world that nothing does exist and nothing really does matter.

Growing up my mother often told me that the smaller I made things the bigger my name would become, she would often tell me that my work wasn't small enough and that I should try again. This inspired me to make things increasingly smaller, now i can make things in beautiful detail often smaller than a full stop in a newspaper.


In 2007 the boy who was told he would amount to ‘nothing’ was honoured by HRH Queen Elizabeth II with an MBE for my services to art. Then in 2018 I received an honorary doctorate from the University of Warwick in recognition of the significant contributions that I have made to art and sculpture. I have also achieved two Guinness World Records.

Not bad for the boy destined to achieve nothing. I hope you like my world of nothing, this has been everything to me.


My Work



My work astounds people, what I manage to make from “nothing” is truly spectacular. I never make the same piece twice, so each sculpture is completely unique.  What I am able to achieve has been described as the eighth wonder of the world, I’m not really sure if that is true, as the other seven are pretty amazing in comparison.

I can’t say that I enjoy the journey of making these sculptures, its physically and mentally exhausting. However, once finished and I can sit back and listen to peoples reactions and see the astonishment in their eyes, this is my reward.

To discuss a commission, collaborate with me on a project, purchase pieces of my sculpture or just seek assistance with your requirements please make contact by my private email, I will get back to you.



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