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As a school boy, Willard found both reading and writing did not come naturally to him. At that time Autism, Dyslexia and learning differences were not accepted or recognised. Told by his school teachers that he would amount to nothing, he was used as a warning to others what academic failure looked like. Unable to read or write and with his social and academic confidence broken, Willard ran away from school. Whilst hiding at home from the world that taunted him, he discovered his hidden talent and began a new journey to greatness. Willard would show the world that nothing exists and small things could become everything.

Growing up Willard’s mother would often tell him when he presented his work to her “that’s not small enough, try again” Willard made things increasingly smaller to try to please his Mom and prior to her death she told him “the smaller you make things the bigger your name will become.”

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close up of Willard looking through a microscope
Image by Pawel Czerwinski

SMALL things matter

During his journey so far Willard has received an MBE from the Queen, achieved two Guinness World Records and an Honorary Doctorate from Warwick University. He's been the subject of an award-winning Channel 4 documentary, the guest of international TV, Radio and Talk Shows and his art has been exhibited across the globe, attracting celebrity collectors. He is living proof that learning difference makes no difference and small things really do matter.

Willard Wigan About Me
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