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Illustration of Willard working on a sculpture done by children

Willard's Way
INSPIRE sessions

"Underestimation is my motivation"

Willard's Way. Visits and sessions using his microscopic sculptures, mindful presence and life story of adversity to success to inspire people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, that small things matter. Little things have big impacts. Providing resources, talks, workshops and digital interactive sessions, aimed at creating cultures of positive changes towards learning differences, neuro diversity and being good humans. Encouraging people to make their own small changes to achieve a greater good.

“Autism and Dyslexia have been a road to success, not an anchor to failure.”

Young girl looks through a microscope and looks amazed
Group of people  looks through a microscope and looks amazed
Ballerinas l looks through a microscope and looks amazed

Willards Way

Education & Businesses

  • Exclusive Digital Content

  • Video Resources

  • Travelling Exhibition

  • Tailored Experience

  • Group Sessions

  • Motivational Experience

  • Engagement in STEM


of little things

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