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Platinum Jubilee Celebration "tiniest biggest tribute" to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

As a tribute to celebrate The Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, I created a set of two micro-sculptures that are so tiny and mind-boggling detailed that when you see them, you won't believe what you are seeing. The two micro-sculptures have been meticulously created by hand and pieced together under a powerful microscope. I made a selection of handmade, unique micro tools, which aided me in creating such miniature wonders.

All of my micro-sculptures are handmade from memory, created without the aid of a visual. As soon as I get an idea, the final sculpture is locked in his memory. My ability to visualise the finished piece before I start creating is a vital part of my skills in making mind-blowing miniatures.

24-carat gold Coronation Carriage

The first in the set is The Worlds Smallest 24 carat gold Coronation Carriage, fashioned and painstakingly put together using more than 200 individual parts. Each piece of the carriage, the axil, doors, wheels and all the finishing detail were so small that I had to construct my own microscopic tools to pick up and move each piece of gold into place and I used a tiny diamond-tipped carving tool for adding detail and form".

"I’ve improved, I’ve got so much better. I almost work as though my life depends upon it.

1950s Queen Elizabeth

The second piece in the collection is a sculpture of a 1950s Queen Elizabeth in the eye of a needle.

"Having autism has given me a superpower to be able to do things other people can’t do."

2012 Diamond Jubilee

A tiny 24-carat gold crown for the Queen’s 2012 Diamond Jubilee, said of the previous work: "It was the proudest moment of my life but I’ve evolved and moved on since.

“My mother would tell me that autism is a diamond in a dustbin because humanity has a habit of throwing things away.

“And then all of a sudden the lid comes off the dustbin and they realise what was in there.

“So I’m using this now as a message to humanity and a celebration to Her Majesty the Queen. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my whole life.

“I think I need counselling now after doing this coach. But it’s taught me one thing – it’s taught me to train my attention span. I’ve learned that I have to make a statement with what I do.

“We under-estimate things we can’t see… we disregard the small world. Just because you can’t see something don’t mean it don’t exist.”

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May 01

Absolutely thrilled to be part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations honoring Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II! It's truly a momentous occasion, and what better way to commemorate than by supporting British craftsmanship and innovation. As we reflect on decades of Her Majesty's unwavering dedication to the nation, let's also celebrate our own resilience and adaptability. Speaking of which, if you're in the market for a vehicle that embodies quality and reliability, I highly recommend checking out Not only are they a nod to Scandinavian engineering excellence, but they also offer great value and potential for restoration projects. Here's to a majestic celebration and finding the perfect ride fit for royalty!


Unknown member
Jul 27, 2022

This is a masterpiece! Recently went on a camping trip, my car broke down on the way, needed help, so I turned to the fabrication shop and didn't regret it, found quality parts for my car at affordable prices.

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