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Would you like to own the World’s smallest hand-carved sculpture of the Web Ellis Rugby World Cup?

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

I have created the world’s smallest hand-carved sculpture of the Web Ellis Rugby World Cup. The micro-sculpture was made to celebrate this year's rugby world cup. It is carved out of a solid piece of gold and then placed within the eye of a tiny sewing needle for scale. Almost invisible to the human eye, the beauty and detail of the sculpture can only be appreciated when viewed under the lens of a microscope.

This is a one of a kind micro sculpture that took me around five weeks to complete and hundreds of hours to add the detail.

I use a Nikon SMZ 18 stereo microscope that provides me critical visual feedback as I crafts these tiny masterpieces. The microscope’s enhanced working distance offers sufficient space to manipulate the artworks. The bright, high-contrast imaging with magnification up to 270x helps me create my renowned microscopic pieces of art.

Because my artwork is so small (with deliberate features as minute as 0.005 mm / 0.0002 in), I have learned how to control my nervous system, heart rate and breathing to ensure I do not make even the tiniest movement. Willard enters a meditative state in which I slow my heartbeat, allowing me to reduce any hand tremors and I work between these slowed down heartbeats.

My micro-sculptures continue to amaze and fascinate both art lovers and scientists - nobody knows how I can produce such tiny masterpieces on this molecular level. I have exhibited all over the world and collaborated with many celebrities, watchmakers, jewellers and other artists. I have achieved two Guinness World Records and received an MBE and an honorary doctorate in recognition of the significant contribution he has made to art and sculpture. Pushing the limits of the impossible ever further, Willard says his main aim is to infect people with happiness and wonder.

This miniature Rugby World Cup was made to celebrate the recent rugby tournament win by South Africa last week, it is now looking for a new home. Perhaps to be exhibited or owned by a world cup winner.

I feel it would be really exciting for the sculpture to be a part of South Africa’s historic win.

The Web Ellis Rugby World Cup Micro-sculpture is a one of a kind piece and would be perfect for any collector looking for something unique. If you would like to purchase the piece please send enquiries to

George Harrold

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