The Invisible Battle Promotional Video by Dr Willard Wigan - Made by Illumi9 Productions.

Updated: May 11

Mask our Heroes is a charity bringing PPE to those most in need during the Covid-19 pandemic. Providing hospitals, care homes, hospices, charities, schools and emergency services both urgent PPE donations and ongoing access to PPE at a fair price. All certified, responsibly sourced, ethically produced and reducing the environmental impact of PPE.

A big thank you to all the Boxing, Kick Boxing, and Thai Boxing legends and everyone who helped, and took part in the making of this video.

Joe Egan @bigjoeegan

Tamer Hassan @realtamerhassan

Paul McCullagh @paul.mccullagh

Kris Trezise @kris_trez85

Luke J I Smith @lukejismith

Richie Woodhall @richie_woodhall

Mattew Macklin @mattmacklin82

Dean Twist

Adam Fogerty

Paul Jones @1silkyjones

Joe Hockenhall

Matt Legg

Kellie Maloney @kelliefmaloney

Billy Schwer @billyschwer

Coleman Barrett



Julius Francis @julius_francis64

John H Stracy

John Conteh

Glenn McCroy @glenn.mccrory

Sam Gittins @samdgittins

Colin McMillan

Lester Walsh

Martin Concepcion

Glyn Rhodes @sheffieldboxingcentre

Ryan Rhodes

Steve Holdsworth

Richie Wenton

Michael Millar @michael.millar05

Kevin Concepcion

Derek Roche

Kash Gill @kashtheflashgill

Billy Millar

Video Made by Illumi9 Productions

Photographer Paul Ward @paulwardphotography

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