The Invisible Battle Promotional Video by Dr Willard Wigan - Made by Illumi9 Productions.

Updated: Mar 23

This video is all about The Invisible Battle micro sculpture that is being auctioned off and sold to raise funds for Mask our Heroes.

“Never underestimate something you can't see” Dr Willard Wigan MBE

Mask our Heroes is a charity bringing PPE to those most in need during the Covid-19 pandemic. Providing hospitals, care homes, hospices, charities, schools and emergency services both urgent PPE donations and ongoing access to PPE at a fair price. All certified, responsibly sourced, ethically produced and reducing the environmental impact of PPE.

A big thank you to all the Boxing, Kick Boxing, and Thai Boxing legends and everyone who helped, and took part in the making of this video.

Joe Egan @bigjoeegan

Tamer Hassan @realtamerhassan

Paul McCullagh @paul.mccullagh

Kris Trezise @kris_trez85

Luke J I Smith @lukejismith

Richie Woodhall @richie_woodhall

Mattew Macklin @mattmacklin82

Dean Twist

Adam Fogerty

Paul Jones @1silkyjones

Joe Hockenhall

Matt Legg

Kellie Maloney @kelliefmaloney

Billy Schwer @billyschwer

Coleman Barrett



Julius Francis @julius_francis64

John H Stracy

John Conteh

Glenn McCroy @glenn.mccrory

Sam Gittins @samdgittins

Colin McMillan

Lester Walsh

Martin Concepcion

Glyn Rhodes @sheffieldboxingcentre

Ryan Rhodes

Steve Holdsworth

Richie Wenton

Michael Millar @michael.millar05

Kevin Concepcion

Derek Roche

Kash Gill @kashtheflashgill

Billy Millar

Video Made by Illumi9 Productions

Photographer Paul Ward @paulwardphotography

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