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The Golden Dragon - One of the most difficult and complicated micro sculptures ever.

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This is one of the most complicated pieces ever created, it challenged me for over 5 months to complete, working 16 -18 hours a day, culminating in a burst blood vessel in his right eye, requiring me to rest for several days to heal, before being able to complete it. This 24-carat gold dragon comprises 200 individual microscopic pieces of white and yellow gold, finally formed together to complete this beautiful sculpture of a magical and magnificent dragon. The horns, spines, teeth and claws are all individual pieces of 24-carat gold, painstakingly attached to the body while the eyes are made from tiny pieces of crushed Ruby and the scales are carved.

This piece can be mounted and enjoyed within its magnifying display or built within a more personal item to be worn in perhaps a collaboration of beauty and finesse within a watch or piece of exquisite jewellery.

Willard Holding a Needle

"My work is a message to humanity. Small things matter it is often the smallest things that have the biggest impacts on us, in all areas of our lives".

Willard has collaborated with many notable artists creating statement jewellery items, beautiful timepieces, unique paintings and hidden art. His work has been used for International advertising campaigns alongside raising money and awareness for many charitable causes. Willard is an ambassador for neurodiversity encouraging others to see that a learning difference makes no difference.

Dragon History

About Dragons in Feng Shui? To attract wealth, prosperity and success, it is suggested to place a Feng Shui dragon in the north or east direction of your house. It should face inward as it indicates the energy flowing into the house. You must strictly avoid placing the dragon facing the entrance door or any window.

What is the significance of the dragon?

The dragon is a symbol of evil, in both the chivalric and Christian traditions. In the Orient, it symbolizes supernatural power, wisdom, strength, and hidden knowledge. In most traditions, it is the embodiment of chaos and untamed nature.

Are gold dragons good or bad? Gold dragons were the strongest and most majestic of the metallic dragons, and were considered the apex of the draconic race. Graceful and wise, they were relentless and dedicated foes of evil, injustice, and foul play.

Is a dragon a symbol of good luck? In Chinese culture, the dragon represents good luck, strength, health and also the male element Yang. The dragon is unique because it is the only mythical creature of all the animals in the Chinese zodiac and babies are born in the year of the dragon more than any other animal.

The Surprising History of Dragons by Google Arts

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Golden Dragon

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