• Dr Willard Wigan MBE

The Golden Dragon - One of the most difficult and complicated pieces ever undertaken

This is one of the most difficult and complicated pieces ever undertaken by Willard, it challenged him for over 5 months to complete, working 16 -18 hours a day, culminating in a burst blood vessel in his right eye, requiring him to rest for several days to heal, before being able to complete it. This 24-carat gold dragon is made up of hundreds of individual microscopic pieces of both white and yellow gold, finally formed together to complete this beautiful sculpture. The horns, spines, teeth and claws are all individual pieces, painstakingly attached to the body while the eyes are made from tiny pieces of crushed Ruby whilst the scales are carved. This piece can be mounted and enjoyed within its magnifying display or built within a more personal item to be worn in perhaps a collaboration of beauty and finesse within a watch or piece of exquisite jewellery.

Enquiries are invited for collaborations.


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