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News & Media - I am the worlds best and most influential micro artist

Updated: May 10, 2022

Sunday Times Magazine Interview.

Image Credit: The Sunday Times Twitter @SchoolBreathe

Metro Interview Tanyel Mustafa

How I Made It: ‘I was told I’d amount to nothing – now I’m a famous sculptor’

Daily Express By Kat Hopps

Micro-artist Willard Wigan’s handcrafted sculptures, usually placed on a pinhead or inside the eye of a needle, sell for tens of thousands of pounds. Examples of his work are owned by Sir Elton John, Simon Cowell and the Queen. They are so small they could fit on the full stop at the end of this sentence. In some cases, with room to spare 👇👇👇


“Surgeons have told me I could perform microsurgery under supervision,” says Wigan, 64, from Wolverhampton. “They’ve said because of my dexterity I could go into the medical profession. I’m approached all the time, ‘Do you realise what you could do in surgery?’” He laughs. “I’m not a surgeon.”

Shropshire Star By Mark Andrews

Willard Wigan plucks a hair from his eyelash to make a paintbrush. The ones in the shops just lack precision, he says.


Daily Mail

A micro-sculptor has revealed how he creates art that is so small it's seen him enter the Guinness Book of World Records.

Oppo Smart Phones

Amature Photographer

OPPO smartphone captures record-breaking microscopic art

Thanks to the 60x magnification microscopic lens on the OPPO Find X3 Pro smartphone the record-breaking microscopic artist Dr. Willard Wigan MBE has been able to record the results of his amazingly detailed work, for which he currently holds two Guinness World Records.

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