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The Miniature Masterpieces Exhibition is Now Open from April to April 2024 - Free Entry 😁

Updated: Jan 26

The Miniature Masterpieces Exhibition is now open and features four new, never before seen sculptures as part of the ‘Disappearing World' collection.

To have this opportunity to exhibit an amazing collection of my micro-sculptures, including a new series created called ‘Disappearing World’ which focuses on biodiversity in danger, is incredibly exciting for Nottingham City Museums. I am looking forward to sharing the thrill of seeing my work with local, regional, and national visitors.

Small Things Matter @ Wollaton Hall Nottingham

Exclusive launch of my 'Disappearing World' collection

I am releasing a new collection of work called Disappearing World, a thought-provoking series of artworks made with materials gathered from the land, industry, and oceans. A unique set of microscopic sculptures, set within the eyes of needles or mounted on creative carriers, reflecting biodiversity in danger.

My micro-sized sculptures convey a bigger message to humanity. An artful reminder that our world is disappearing, we need to act, and make changes. My tiny work engages a larger conversation, inviting visitors to consider a simple concept, small things matter. My work will be the smallest thing they have ever seen that will make the biggest impact on them.

Connecting my art to the rapidly disappearing natural world suggests to visitors they consider putting themselves under a microscope to consider what small things they can do or change to positively contribute to a more beneficial and sustainable world.

My Mother once told me "Your work is a grain of sand, throw it into life’s ocean and create a tidal wave of success”

I aim to expand this art trail throughout the UK, exhibiting a growing series of microscopic sculptures. Engaging visitors to join a movement of small things matter, encouraging them to adopt small changes, which will change the course of our disappearing world.

Looking at little things to get big things done Join the Small Things Matter Community

I and my team are creating a community space, a hub, a place that motivates and inspires you to think a little differently about the small things you can do to change the direction and progress of yourself, your family, your friends, and the beautiful world we live in. I want the Small Things Matter community to share ideas, values, and success stories of the small things they have done with each other, inspired by doing something small things that matter each and every day.

My work is a message, the smallest art making the biggest impact on you. Encouraging you to look at little things, a reminder that small things matter. A tidal wave of success can be created by a community doing small things together. Imagine a more sustainable planet, a natural world that we live in harmony with rather than damage, and a more thoughtful society, discovering hidden talents within neurodiversity. Small things matter is a community of people, experiencing the world's smallest art, inspired to make little changes, combined to get big things done.

A superb Elizabethan mansion sitting at the heart of a stunning park, home to two herds of wild deer. The Hall itself is home to the Nottingham Natural History Museum, a natural science collection of national significance with over 750,000 objects, visited by over 250,000 people every year.

Come and see some of my iconic Miniature Masterpieces collection within this beautiful hall.

This will be showcased alongside Wollaton Hall’s World of Wonder Transformation – and will display sculptured pieces in the eye of a needle, never before seen on display. All in dedication to a world where nothing does exist, small things can become everything.

Small Things Matter @ Wollaton Hall Nottingham

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2 comentários

18 de abr. de 2023

Absolutely amazing intricate microscpic works of art! Small things do matter.


22 de mar. de 2023

I am lucky enough to live locally to Wollaton Hall and very much look forward to seeing your latest thought provoking exhibition. Your work is absolutely amazing, thank you for allowing us to see it for free during what is a very difficult time financially for many of us, such a treat 😍

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