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The Final Moment (The Beginning of the End)

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Heres my latest and last COVID-19 Micro Sculpture in the COVID-19 set that I will ever make. This piece is called The Final Moment. This is my final tribute piece to say thank you to all the all scientists around the planet, they have performed the impossible and created a vaccine in record-breaking time.

This miniature sculpture shows the vaccine smothering the Covid-19 Virus.

The piece is mounted on the end of a hypodermic needle.

In the micro sculpture, I used tiny pieces of porcelain for the nodes, I then used a special glue to cover and smother the piece in the vaccine.

A big thank you to Oxford Vaccine Group, AstraZenica, and Pfizer for making this happen so quickly, humanity and the world is grateful.

The Beginning of the End

Micro Sculptor and creator of the world’s smallest handmade sculptures in history, has created a set of three microscopic sculptures to celebrate and recognise the combined heroic efforts of all the Doctors, Nurses and Care Workers that have lived, fought and died fighting the unseen enemy of the COVID 19 Virus, alongside the scientists that will finally find a route to defeat it.

The set of three is being donated by Willard to charities within the UK and USA to raise both money and awareness.

The first in the set is a sculpture of a nurse, holding the standard of the NHS, facing a virus character. They are mounted upon the sharp tip of the thinnest hypodermic needle. The scene depicts a strong, superhero nurse, reduced in size and wielding a sword to fight the approaching micro virus. Whilst the nurse celebrates all the medical staff that are fighting the causes of the virus, the hypodermic needle celebrates the scientists that will finally find a path to beat it. The nurse stands proudly at a little under half a millimetre in height and the virus at around a quarter of a millimetre. Both characters from this sculpture would fit comfortably inside the full stop of a newspaper.

The final sculpture in the set, shows the virus being skewered by the hypodermic needle, the beginning of the end for Covid19.

These sculptures again fitting comfortably within the size of a full stop in standard newsprint, with room to spare.

Willard is no stranger to adversity, undiagnosed with both Autism and Dyslexia until he reached 50 years old, as a young boy he found both reading and writing did not come naturally to him. He was told by school teachers that he would amount to nothing and achieve nothing. “I was used by them to demonstrate what failure would look like for being unable to read or write. So from the age of five, I decided to show the world that nothing does exist and nothing really does matter.”

Growing up Willard’s mother would often tell him when he presented his work to her “that’s not small enough, try again” Willard made things increasingly smaller to try to please his Mom and just prior to her death she told him “the smaller you make things the bigger your name will become.”

Willard’s mission was set from this young age to achieve greatness by showing the world that nothing could be everything. In 2007 the boy who was told he would amount to ‘nothing’ was honoured by HRH Queen Elizabeth II with an MBE for his services to art. Then in 2018, he received an honorary doctorate from the University of Warwick in recognition of the significant contributions made to art and sculpture. He has been offered other opportunities for Doctorates, which he has not pursued. He has achieved two Guinness World Records for the smallest sculptures ever created entirely by human hand, he has been the subject of an award-winning TV documentary from Channel 4, he has been the guest of TV chat and radio shows worldwide and his work is exhibited across the World within the Ripley’s Believe it or Not exhibitions.

Willard’s wish is to donate these sculptures to the world, his ideal would be to see the impressions of them on a coin or stamp or maybe for them to stand in a prominent place for all to see and appreciate, whilst raising money for charitable organisations. Perhaps they could be adopted as memorials to remind us of the hidden dangers to us all, regardless of age, nationality, health or colour, within the world we cannot see.

Willard chose to support the Mask Our Heroes (MOH) charity set up in April 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the sole purpose of procuring and supplying vital PPE equipment to the frontline, key and care workers. It has grown to become the UK’s leading PPE supply charity. Between April and September 2020, MOH has donated over 250,000 items of PPE to frontline services and charities and raised hundreds of thousands of pounds through corporate donations and public fundraising initiatives.

His sculpture will form the centre-piece for a groundbreaking Art Trail due to come to London in the coming months and we are extremely excited to have the opportunity to share this incredible work of art with the public!

Willard’s life story is currently being developed into a major biographical limited series by one of the leading studios in the US with an International Star about to be attached. The incredible story is a unique journey and ultimate triumph of a young man of colour, from an ordinary background, scaling the heights to world fame, recognition and Royal acclaim. The story passionately illuminates all that is positive surrounding the racial reforms taking place in today’s society and on the world stage.

Willard’s world of nothing became everything to him, he now invites you to look closely for yourself.

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