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Citibank UK - Willard's Way Motivational Talks Program

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

What a fantastic evening of demonstrations, motivational talks, and speaking one-to-one with the delightful staff at Citibank UK.

Citibank is the consumer division of financial services multinational Citigroup which sees the importance of educating themselves about the benefits of working with dyslexic people. They are very committed to changing the way they think about dyslexia and have identified that there is a huge gap in their understanding.

Businesses that support this change and diversity can benefit from meeting Dr. Willard Wigan's MBE and listening to his story. Willard's Motivational Talks Program "Willard's Way" is designed to help employers and employees understand and recognise the importance of educating themselves about Dyslexia in this fast and changing world.

Dyslexia today is still seen as a disability or an illness, dyslexia is a gift, a superpower that when harnessed can offer a creative and lateral thinker. Advanced technology and increased connectivity have created new industries, new business models, new jobs, and entirely new skills. Times are changing and being at the forefront of this change will benefit any business.

Willard's Way Motivational Talks Program for Business.

For more information please email my team.

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