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WINNER of the AIBs Art and Culture Award 2019

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

This year’s Winners and Finalists Book has been published, with details of all the prizes awarded at the gala event held in London on 6 November. Below images are from the finalist and winners book please comment, share and enjoy!

You can read the book here. Printed copies are also available from the AIBs web site.

Al Jazeera English provides international news and current affairs that places people at the heart of the story, rooted in the belief that everyone has a story worth hearing. Through its fearless journalism and award-winning programming, it tells authentic stories about people everywhere, without geographical or cultural prejudice.

Since launching in 2006, Al Jazeera English has garnered international praise for its impartial and fact-based reporting, winning prestigious awards from journalism’s most respected institutions.

Time to Celebrate! 🎉 I am the WINNER of the AIBs Art and Culture Award. A very big thank you to everyone at @WeAreYetiMedia and Channel4 TV who worked on the production of the documentary "World’s Tiniest Masterpieces". Congratulations to us all! 🎉

To watch the Worlds Tiniest Masterpieces ⬇️

2019 AIB Fifteenth Annual Gala Awards Evening - London

Honoured and happy to be a guest speaker at tonights 2019 AIBs fifteenth annual gala awards evening in London.

My TV documentary "World's Tiniest Masterpieces", which was created by Yeti Television and was first aired on Channel 4 back in 2018 as been shortlisted for this year's "Art and Culture Awards". The winners will be announced later this evening. 🤞🤞

If you would like to watch 🎥 the World's Tiniest Masterpieces documentary please click the link below

AIB is the trade association for TV, radio and online broadcasting. Established in 1993, AIB provides its members with intelligence, networking, lobbying, promotion and more. AIB’s growing international membership includes major broadcasters and suppliers to the global broadcasting industry. Talk to them about how you can benefit from the AIB’s international reach and influence.

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Supporting the AIBs helps to fund this annual event, which, like all the activities of the Association for International Broadcasting, are run on a not-for-profit basis. The AIBs offer a unique opportunity for brands to align themselves with the world’s most compelling factual content and the world’s best producers. The AIBs also provide an unobtrusive yet effective way to reach tens of thousands of influential people in the media industry in over 150 countries across nine months each year. The team at the Association for International Broadcasting will be pleased to discuss how your involvement with the AIBs can benefit you and your company.

Contact Tom Wragg on 44 20 7993 2557 or email him at tom.wragg {@} to discuss the options.

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