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A selection of my micro art for sale, including sculptures, limited edition prints and gallery portfolio books. Sculptures may be collected or delivered and mounted into individually crafted displays to suit the piece and your own artistic taste.

Girl With A Pearl Earring

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Willard’s love and appreciation of classic art is shown here by his micro sized depiction of the Girl with a Pearl Earring. The original oil painting by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer, the original known by various names over the centuries, it became known by its present title towards the end of the 20th century after the large pearl earring worn by the girl prominently portrayed in the painting.
Willard’s wished to recreate this painting as his Tiny Masterpiece, challenging himself to do something that the original artist would not have been able to do. Measuring just half the size of an England’s Glory matchhead, approximately 2mm high. This piece took Willard 4 months to complete. It is both sculpture and painting, the piece is relief carved and hand painted using a Dalmatian hair and oil paints, finally mounted within a solid 24 carat gold gilt edged frame.
This miniature masterpiece can be mounted within another parent frame, so it may be displayed on a wall or within a bespoke magnifying display and plinth.
This piece would also be suitable for display within a collaboration of perhaps a ladies spectacular timepiece or item of beautiful jewellery such as locket. Willard has also considered mounting this piece within a pearl earring set.
Enquiries are invited for collaborations.
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